Welcome to isomiRdb

A miRNA expression database with isoform resolution

isomiRdb stores miRNA and isomiR expression values for 42499 miRNA-seq samples collected from miRMaster, The Cancer Genome Atlas and Sequence Read Archive and uniformly processed from raw reads using sRNAbench . We cover over 70,000 different miRNA isoforms derived from miRBase (release 22.1) annotations.

Querying isomiRdb

isomiRdb can be queried in two three ways: sample query, miRNA query and isomiR query. Metadata from multiple sources has been gathered for all samples to allow specific querying using tissue, cell-line or cancer type.

Different visualisations are available for each type of query.

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Sample query

Top miRNAs from each tissue hosted in the database can be queried and the resulting values can be downloaded.

Query samples
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miRNA query

Individual miRNAs can be queried and visualized. The corresponding isomiR sequences and values are also displayed.

Query miRNAs
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Query isomiRs

Over 3 million different isomiRs can be queried and visualized. If they didn't reach 1 RPM in at least 1% of the samples, no expression data is provided.

isomiR query