Runs 1,623
Samples 129,016
Unique samples 52,848
Total processed reads 1,524,023,445,406
Total valid reads 1,291,214,265,358
Total reads in unique samples 664,252,247,846

Used databases

Name Version
miRBase 22.1
Ensembl ncRNA 100
(bacteria & viruses)
RNACentral piRNA 15
GtRNAdb 18.1


  • 22.06.2020: We added support for the CATS and D-Plex protocols of Diagenode.
  • 20.06.2020: We improved the configuration wizard. Users can now choose which sequencing protocol was used to derive the remaining parameters.
  • 20.06.2020: We updated miRBase to v22, GtRNAdb to release 18.1, Ensembl to release 100, NONCODE to v5 and piRNAs are now based on the entries in RNACentral v15.

miRMaster is a comprehensive analysis framework for NGS miRNA samples. Samples are directly preprocessed in the browser before being uploaded to our server.

Its core feature is the prediction of novel miRNAs. In addition to novel miRNA candidates, miRNA and other ncRNA expression is quantified, isoforms of miRNAs are reported and variants in miRNAs are searched.

Further it performs mapping against the NCBI RefSeq collection of bacterial and viral genomes, thereby allowing the detection of contaminations, infections or exogenous miRNAs.

If you used miRMaster in your work please cite:

T. Fehlmann, C. Backes, M. Kahraman, J. Haas, N. Ludwig, A. E. Posch, M. L. Würstle, M. Hübenthal, A. Franke, B. Meder, E. Meese, A. Keller; Web-based NGS data analysis using miRMaster: a large-scale meta-analysis of human miRNAs. Nucleic Acids Res 2017 gkx595. doi: 10.1093/nar/gkx595

Supported browsers: miRMaster was tested with Google Chrome 79 and Mozilla Firefox 72.